Who are we?

Eurobild doo has been in the construction industry since 19.08.2014. Thanks to carefully selected personnel, Eurobild doo managed to modernize technology and equipment in a relatively short period of existence and optimally dimension its capacities in accordance with the objective needs of the market. In addition to the high-rise building for which it is strategically defined, Eurobild has formed a special organizational unit for fundraising. Eurobild Ltd. is flexible, easy to adapt and ready to cooperate with both domestic and foreign partners. Successfully completed projects are our best reference for future jobs. Today Eurobild doo has enough capacity to continue its ascent to the top of the construction activity, and to achieve world standards in construction and engineering.

What We Do?

EUROBILD is a private construction company that works in the field of building and professional services by managing projects in all aspects of construction. Founded with the aim of creating a modern enterprise that meets all modern market demands, EUROBILD is today one of the largest contractors in Serbia in the field of high-rise building construction.

The building capacities of EUROBILD are just a part of the story. In fact, the most important question is not “What do we do?” but rather “How do we do it?”.Dedication to the highest quality standards in project implementation, which underlies all our activities and decisions, the expertise of our staff, our experience, the excellence of our building services and our innovative approach to building, all enable us to improve efficiency and achieve the demanding goals set by our clients.