Complete management of construction works in the field of building Eurobild performed by the professional staff led by an experienced civil engineer, who with the assistance of technical staff run a large number of employees of construction professionals.
Training of personnel for working with modern system shapes, scaffolds and the rest of equipment in the first place, which enables fast and high-quality execution of works with maximum safety of workers.


We successfully carry out construction works in the field of industrial construction, regardless of the specific requirements and the complexity of the project. The required quality and deadline for the completion of works are never called into question.


Special sector specialized in construction works – deep foundation, production of AB diaphragms (max depth 35 m), drilled piles of all kinds (max depth 40 m) and piles performed by CFA technology (max depth of piles 24 m).


As a special type of construction, Eurobild can proudly say that it has performed a number of complex bridge constructions in a quality and in the course of time. Serious spreading structures, complex cross-sections, were successfully carried out on Corridor 10 (Eastern branch) and within the northern main ring (LOT1) of the access bridge over Ada in Belgrade. Numerous references by foreign investors are the best indicator for the quality of bridges. A particularly important fact for future investors and contractors in the field of bridge construction is that all realized projects are realized through their own workforce, mechanization and specialized equipment.